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How Baby Boomers Can Live a Longer, Better, Healthier, More Exciting Life than Ever Thought Possible!


Dear Baby Boomer,

Hello my name is Dr. Jonny Bowden. If we haven't met before then here is a little bit about me:

Photo of Jonny BowdenI have a PhD in nutrition and a Masters degree in psychology, and I’ve earned six national certifications as a personal trainer.

I've written in or appeared in publications like The New York Times, Men's Health, O (The Oprah Magazine) GQ, US Weekly, Muscle and Fitness, Self, Fitness, Shape, Woman’s World, and Family Circle.

I've also appeared on CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, and CBS.

150 Ways to Boost Your EnergyAnd I’ve written 7 books – including two best sellers – on health, nutrition, longevity and weight loss with over 250,000 copies in print.

In all my articles, books, TV and radio appearances there is something about myself that I've never publicly disclosed. There is something about me that I've only said out loud one time in front of an audience. Are you ready to hear it? Here goes...

I'm 65 years-old.

There. I said it. Out loud. On the internet. For the whole world to hear.

That's right, I'm one of those "aging Baby Boomers" that the news refers to all the time; born way back in 1946 during the Truman administration. Like most people living in our "youth-obsessed" society I used to be reluctant to reveal my age and have even lied about it in the distant past.

But recently I've been changing my mind about the idea of aging and what it means to "grow old."

Back in the 60's I was in my 20's, and living to see my 60's seemed more like a curse than a blessing. My dad was in his forties back then, and he seemed so old. Sixty by comparison seemed ancient!  Thoughts of me at sixty years-old conjured up images of a sick, senile, and fat old man in a rocking chair.

Boy was I wrong!

"I'm enjoying my 60s more then
any other decade of my life!"

Jonny Bowden with his dogIt's true! I may be 65 years-old but I am still living life in the fast-lane...

As you can see, I'm enjoying a fantastic quality of life despite my quantity of years. And I plan to keep this up as long as I can. I don't just want to live longer, I want to live longer and better.

Longevity is All About of Living Longer and Better with Optimal Vitality and Vigor

And guess what... It’s not that hard!

We live in amazing times. Unlike our ancestors we have year-round access to "superfoods" from all over the globe. New supplements are being developed that can dramatically enhance our physical and mental faculties. Recent scientific studies are revealing truths that can help us understand how to add healthy, vibrant decades to our lives.

Unfortunately most of these life-enhancing advances are going mostly unnoticed. The problem is that active boomers don't have time to sift through all the information and sort fact from fiction. The sound bites that make it to the evening news are sometimes misleading for their brevity.

I know what you are asking:

"Isn't there some way I can get access to the wisdom of the great thinkers in each of the most important fields of Longevity?"

"Where can I find an easy-to-follow program that shows me how to integrate the teachings of Longevity into a lifestyle that I can actually make my own?"

I'm glad you asked.

"The 7 Pillars of Longevity" is Your Guide
to Living Longer and Living Better

In my new program I reveal my personal secrets for Longevity:

1: Food

You’ll learn the foods eaten by the four longest lived and healthiest societies in the world.  A diet composed of these foods will virtually guarantee that you’ll maintain a healthy weight effortlessly and stay at the top of your game for decades.

2: Exercise

Everyone knows the importance of exercise, but most people misunderstand how to do it effectively. It doesn’t take hours in the gym to get results. You just need to exercise smarter.

3: Supplements

Hundreds of books have been written about supplements. As an expert on nutrition and supplementation (I take 50+ supplements every day) I will give you the basic essence of what’s most important to take and why. It’s surprisingly simple.

4: Detoxification

We all need some help ridding our body of toxins, and it’s far easier to do than you might think. You'll learn cleansing tips and an easy seasonal “cleansing” diet.

5: Stress Management

Stress ages the body and the brain in profound ways that are measurable and demonstrable. A healthy longevity requires some built in stress management techniques, and they’re easier to do than you might think. This presentation shows you exactly how to do it. Just a few minutes a day on these special techniques could add years to your life and energy to your years!

6: Sleep

The emerging science of sleep has a lot to tell us about longevity. Deep in our DNA we’re programmed to respond to cues of light and darkness, that when properly understood and acted upon can add years  to your life and significantly improve your health

7: Emotional Intelligence

How you view yourself and your relationship to the world profoundly affects your health. The new science of psychoneuroimmunology shows how what we think about can affect our hormones, our brain chemistry and our immune system. Your relationships with your loved ones, family, people you work with, community and even the planet as a whole profoundly affect your health and longevity. With these simple techniques you can begin to boost your emotional intelligence while improving your relationships, well-being and overall health!

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"The 7 Pillars of Longevity" is a Complete
Learning System for Every Style of Learning

Some people learn by watching, some by reading, and some by listening. This program is a complete learning system that allows you to do all three. You can watch the DVDs, listen to the audio CD, or read the transcript, depending on your mood and circumstances. Each method of information delivery will reinforce the others.

The Pillars of Youngevity

Video and Audio Discs

Two DVDs containing the video presentation of The 7 Pillars of Longevity.

Mp3 files of the audio tracks from the DVDs so you can listen to the DVDs on your iPod, in your car, or wherever you want!

The Pillars of Youngevity

Highlighted Transcripts

Complete 122 page transcript of the DVDs with key points already highlighted for you! I encourage you to jot down notes and ideas you get as you watch or listen.

Journal and Workbook

Journal and Workbook

My Longevity Journal: Use this to write down each step towards Longevity you’re making. Acknowledge how far you’ve come-- and use this journal as a springboard to go even further, one step at a time.

My Emotional Intelligence Workbook: Working through the steps in this workbook will increase your awareness of yourself and your relationship to others. 

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This System is Designed to Dramatically
Increase Your Longevity!

"The 7 Pillars of Longevity" can facilitate changes that will virtually guarantee you better health, better relationships, and a happier life. If you think you're doomed because of your genes, guess what?! Your genes are only a small part of the picture. There are dozens of little tweaks you can make to your lifestyle that will help you...


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This Is Your Chance To Live
A Lifestyle That Was Not
Possible for Your Parents!

The purpose of every generation is to build upon the successes of the previous generation. Our parents' generation succeeded in increasing the life span of the average person. Now our generation has the chance to improve upon their work by making longer lives into better lives.

Not everyone will choose this new way. In fact, many will chose to spend their "golden years" sick and senile in a rocking chair.

Not me!

I hope you will join me on the journey to Longevity.



Jonny Bowden, PhD, CNS

Are You Ready to Live Longer
and Live Better... Starting Now?

Yes! I want to use The 7 Pillars of Longevity to live a longer, better life with optimal vitality and vigor!

I also understand that… I am protected by Jonny’s “100% Money Back” Promise for 90 days.

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